Graham Norton gets audience to Irish dance

Graham Norton played a bit of a trick on viewers on last nights show.

In honour of Michael Flatley being on the red couch he dragged some audience members up to try and Irish dance.

As it turns out, they all had their dancing shoes on, and were well rehearsed!

Feel The McLovin’ WIth Free Mcdonalds

Feeling hungry and loving at the same time? Good news if you love Big Macs – and you’re American!

The US branch of the iconic burger chain will launch a new campaign (starting on Superbowl Sunday) where random customers will be given the chance to pay for their meal by showing love, by calling a loved one, hugging their family member or dancing with Macca’s staff (ummm…that could be awkward).

There are a few catches – the free food is only handed out at certain times of day, and you have to do what they want, when they want – so no trying to kiss the person taking your order!

We’re INCREDIBLY affectionate and we love free stuff, so we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want this campaign to come to Ireland!

Husband Pranks Wife With Amazing Ball Pit Prank

Well, I think Youtube prankster Roman Atwood totally gets it, because he came up with this prank that makes great use of some expendable wealth and large living room to prank your unknowing wife. HE MAKES A BALL PIT IN HIS HOME. FOR HIM. FOR HIS KIDS. FOR A PRANK.

Why Everyone Is Making Fun Of The Fake Baby In ”American Sniper”

For a film that would have spent over $60 million in American Sniper they seem to have cut down the costs in their prop department as you can see in the video below.

The Film poised to be director Clint Eastwood’s biggest hits of his career is literally shattering box office records by earning over $105 million over the weekend in the US with moviegoers finding the plastic doll to be much of a distraction.

” I can’t undo being your Dad. ”

Meet The Rhodes Brothers


They run a popular YouTube channel where they share creative videos about their lives as teenagers, some aspiring models and funny lists about everything from being from the Midwest to pros and cons of being a twin.

But their most recent video is very quite different and a lot, lot more personal. In it they share that they’re both gay and have decided to tell their dad together, on camera. What follows is an incredibly emotional, honest, and touching conversation about a parent’s love and embracing who you are.

Check out the full video below, along with Aaron and Austin’s inspirational message at 7:25.