Husband Pranks Wife With Amazing Ball Pit Prank

Well, I think Youtube prankster Roman Atwood totally gets it, because he came up with this prank that makes great use of some expendable wealth and large living room to prank your unknowing wife. HE MAKES A BALL PIT IN HIS HOME. FOR HIM. FOR HIS KIDS. FOR A PRANK.

Why Everyone Is Making Fun Of The Fake Baby In ”American Sniper”

For a film that would have spent over $60 million in American Sniper they seem to have cut down the costs in their prop department as you can see in the video below.

The Film poised to be director Clint Eastwood’s biggest hits of his career is literally shattering box office records by earning over $105 million over the weekend in the US with moviegoers finding the plastic doll to be much of a distraction.

” I can’t undo being your Dad. ”

Meet The Rhodes Brothers


They run a popular YouTube channel where they share creative videos about their lives as teenagers, some aspiring models and funny lists about everything from being from the Midwest to pros and cons of being a twin.

But their most recent video is very quite different and a lot, lot more personal. In it they share that they’re both gay and have decided to tell their dad together, on camera. What follows is an incredibly emotional, honest, and touching conversation about a parent’s love and embracing who you are.

Check out the full video below, along with Aaron and Austin’s inspirational message at 7:25.

Restaurant Patrons React To An Autistic Child And His Family’s Abuse By A Man

In this social experiment, we get to see how people react when an angry restaurant customer starts berating an autistic child and his family. The angry exchange starts after the autistic boy starts going around the restaurant and begins picking at a stranger’s food. This quickly angers one man, who lashes at the child and demands the family leave, much to the shock of other patrons. But little do they know that the child, his family, and the angry man who goes off on them are all actors.

The video is a segment from a TV show called What Would You Do? that creates different social situations to see how the average person reacts to injustice.

Those diners were awesome. What would you do if placed in a similar situation, witnessing a similar angry exchange?

What If ?

That’s the question what If ?

Many of us have connected with a special someone on those crazy nights out at a club, concert or outing we’ve all been there. And then you fail to find out who this person is.

Well that can now be a thing of the past…

Whatifi checks users in at each pub and club they attend over the course of a night out and the next day the user can review their social timeline from the night before and connect with people that attended the same venues.
Think Foursquare meets Plenty of Fish, we know nights out get crazy and we don’t always get to speak to all the people we want. Whatifi are here to change that.
The idea came to Ken (CEO & Co-Founder) just over a year ago when on a night out in a packed  O’Donoghues on Merrion Row in Dublin he commented to friends  ‘that there’s so many people in this pub we only chat to a handful of new people on nights out. That was the germ that planted the seed in his head.
Soon after he began looking for a mobile app developer that could bring my idea to life.  He started on LinkedIn and within a day, had found Conan his CTO and partner.
The name was inspired by the ‘What If’ scene in George Clooney’s movie Out of Sight
Whatifi Is coming out in the near future make sure ye check it out!